Cosmetics like NatalieRoseCosmetics are taking the media by storm. But while beauty products are growing with the help of many influencers in social media, precautions will have to be taken to protect the youth (people under the age of 18) from buying products through influencer marketing especially if these products are of the cosmetic surgery types and weight loss.

Instagram to Restrict Weight Loss Products

As part of the new policy on Instagram, it will soon restrict people below 18 years of age from seeing public posts promoting weight loss and cosmetic surgery types. The new policy targets the controversy of a fast-growing sect within the influencer marketing.

There could be instances when posts may be entirely removed. Instagram will be applying the age restriction policy in cases when posts contain an incentive in order to buy or when the post is with a price tag for the product. For posts about diet and weight loss products that claim a miraculous transformation or immediate effect and accompanied with a link to a commercial offer, these types of posts could be removed entirely.

The advertising guidelines and policies set by Instagram never permitted the promotion of these types of products. However, since the growth of influencer advertising, additional action is needed to further implement the policy. The said push on the policy will take effect on Instagram and on Facebook.

The renewed policy of Instagram is part of their effort to it a positive place for everybody and to likewise minimize the pressure that people may feel resulting from continuous use of social media.

Celebrity influencers like the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner have drawn rage from many critics like Jameela Jamil. Actress Jameela Jamil has expressed in her tweets about Instagram Influencers selling weight loss products which have high potential risks to young buyers. Her tweets have gone viral in 2018 which brought more focus on the issue. As a result, Jamil has worked with other experts to make changes to the policies of Instagram.

As a person who battled an eating disorder, Jamil has known and endured the negative effects of the diet and detox industry first hand. She speaks from experience. She aims to protect the young ones from their clouded admiration to influencers who blindly advertise weight loss products that could be detrimental to the youth.