Many of you have used live streaming services, perhaps, you have even live-streamed your personal life event. Even so, this is a relatively new feature. Yet, it is fast to gain attention and traction, especially of those who are on the lookout for innovative and brand new ways of delivering content.

While live streaming is not as ripe as other content sharing platforms, it offers promising benefits that attracted tons of content creators. Read on and let us find out what these benefits are.

Users are Consuming Content on Your Time

A notable benefit of using live streaming is the fact that this gives your audience to consume content on your time. What this basically means is that, you engage with people who really care about your brand, about you personally and people who find your content to be useful.

This automatically helps you to have highly targeted viewers to your content. These are the people who have great probabilities to be converted into sales and follow you.

It’s New

A common saying is, history repeats itself. Much like other digital marketing platforms, live streaming is growing in popularity at a very fast rate. Even though it is not yet at the peak of its performance yet, it is fast in gaining traction and increasing number of people use this on a day to day basis.

Let’s look at the drop rate at Facebook’s organic posts. Timelines have become more competitive and overpopulated. Thus, Facebook had to revise and make tweaks on their algorithms and this leaves a small portion of people who see organic posts. Well, the same thing could actually happen in live streaming.


If you would think about it, it’s extremely cheap to live stream. The truth is, it is almost free! No special equipment, hardware or software is needed. All that is needed is a laptop (w/ camera), a smartphone and active account on the platform you have chosen and you are all set. As a matter of fact, there are people who are investing in such equipment that they bought on the great Indian sale on Amazon.