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More than three years ago, Uber was the first company to provide a hassle-free travel to commuters because of their app that has the advance booking of private cars. Hailing a cab was simpler and often much cheaper than traditional taxi services. Other countries, already adapted this kind of concept. In the Netherlands, for example, there is the goedkoop taxi Schiphol where people can book a taxi in advance.

This idea inspired many other countries in different parts of the world and taxi hailing apps started becoming very popular. One of these apps would have been Grab which was first known as GrabTaxi. Whilst Uber is very predominant in the US, Grab is very popular in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Below are the reasons why Grab is more popular than Uber in these places:

1. Price Difference

One of the major reason why people prefer Grab is because it is much cheaper than Uber. When travelling short distances, Grab rides are in most cases more inexpensive, especially if you are hailing a 6-seater or premium car.

2. Reliability 

Due to the set prices that Grab has, it is more reliable. You never have to worry about how the duration of the ride is going to affect the price of the ride. As the final price is already in place, the drivers are interested in getting you to your destination as fast as possible, so that they can maximize their work hours.

3. Payment 

Another great advantage of Grab is that people have an option to pay in cash or credit card. Uber only allows their customer to pay by credit card which southeast asian countries do not have. Hence, people who do not have a credit card. are automatically going to use Grab as it allows them to pay in cash.

4. Enjoyable

Most customers who have experience with Grab find it to be more enjoyable than an Uber or taxi ride. This is because you already know how much the ride will cost, the drivers are honest and will take you to your destination via the fastest route available and due to Grab’s set prices, you don’t have to be suspicious about scams. These three things combined allow you to just relax and enjoy the ride.