The newest trend in transportation is through the use of electric scooter or e-scooter. However, each item are unique and has distinct features that stands-out from the other. There are also some scooter models that cater durability along with budget-friendly rates.

Purchasing a new scooter would never be difficult during these days. There are various stores over the web that offer scooter products. Because of technological innovations, the growth of media bridges the market and various products.

Moreover, you have to be very keen when you decide to purchase a scooter product in an online store. Check for any buying guides that may be a great help for you in selecting the appropriate scooter product.

Online Buying Guide for Electric Scooter

Basically, the scooter operates through the power of the motor and battery. In this case, the scooter demands for charging. Learning how the scooter works is the basic strategy for you to be able to choose the appropriate scooter for you. Here are some tips in buying scooter via a scooter online shop that you may have to consider.

1. The scooter tire type

An electric scooter uses two types of tire. It may be a rubberized solid or an inflated air tire. Generally, an ordinary scooter is made of solid rubber tires that are applicable on smooth surfaces. However, for rough roads, it is better to go for an inflated air tire. This may also comes with suspension on both the front and back.

2. Scooter speed

Various scooter models have different speed as well. Kick scooters that are usually used for fun activities have maximum speed of about 5 to 10 mph. A 10 to 12 mph speed range apply to kids scooters. Moreover, scooters for riding say that they have speed of until 20 mph.

3. The battery range

Usually, the battery of the electric scooters are made of lead-acid that used to power the motor. However, latest models of electric scooters embraced the power of the lithium ion technology. This is lightweight compared to the lead-acid battery and it is more advanced as well.

4. Scooter weight

When selecting the scooter that you may buy, you have to consider its weight. Heavy weight scooters would be hard for turning and demand for more pressure to lean and longer time to stop it. However, it is not be easily affected by external factors such as breezy winds.

5. Scooter motor

The motor of the scooter is its heart. It primarily depends on the design and the quality that help in powering up the scooter.

*Other things to consider:

• Scooter design or style
• Safety features
• Ease of use
• Breaking system
• The cost