A smartwatch, such as those in https://fanguider.com/the-best-smartwatches/, is a wearable and portable technology designed to be worn as a wristwatch. Smartwatches of today have a touchscreen interface designed for everyday use and/or for a particular purpose. Nonetheless, most smartwatches offer users a standard features, aside from telling the time.

Standard Features of Smartwatches

  • For Notifications

Like smartphones, notifications are shown on smartwatches to alert or remind you of activities or events that you have earlier scheduled. Notifications could differ. For instance, there are smartwatches connected to a smartphone that might just copy the notifications on your phone, however other smartwatches show notifications that are only provided by a wearable technology.

  • Fitness Tracker

Whether you are a dedicated athlete or simply want to track and monitor your fitness, most smartwatches are incorporated with a heart rate monitor as well as a pedometer to aid in tracking track your exercises. However, there are fitness bands intentionally designed for fitness purposes which is a better and more beneficial option for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Global Positioning System

Majority of smartwatches have a Global Positioning System or GPS to track your location and/or receive alerts that are location-specific.

Majority of smartwatches could be paired or connected to a smartphone to manage and control media for you. When listening to music on your smartphone, for instance, you could make use of your connected smartwatch to control the volume and change music tracks.

  • Reply to Messages via Voice

Like smartphones, most smartwatches today run on operating systems (OS) that could support voice dictation. It also has a microphone making it possible for users to provide voice commands and/or answer messages without picking your smartphone.

  • Long Battery Life

With the many things you could do with your smartwatches, battery life may be an issue. However, smartwatches of today include batteries that, with normal usage, will last you the entire day, with a little extra. Battery life will verify from how the smartwatch and the kind of smartwatch you have. On normal use, some will last for about 18 hours on a single charge, whereas there are smartwatches that could last for 2 to 3 days.