Are you interested in video games and undecided whether to buy a gaming PC or game console? We’ll help you with the choice and show the key differences. As a gamer, an important decision must necessarily be made when choosing the platform: PC or console? The two options are fundamentally different. We will therefore bring you closer to the respective pros and cons in order to help you make your purchase decision.


Consoles are cheaper to purchase than PCs, but have higher long-term costs. Powerful computer hardware can cost you a multiple of a console. However, PC games are already on average ten to twenty euros cheaper than games for consoles at release. A short time later, you can even purchase game keys on the PC for less than half the original price. Furthermore, unlike consoles, there is no annual cost to play online on the PC. Services such as PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live cost around 60 euros per year. If you rarely buy video games and don’t need an online subscription, consoles are priced. In the event of a defect, however, consoles can hardly be repaired. For computers, the components are modular, making it easy to replace at potentially lower costs.


Unlike consoles, gaming computers can be upgraded and kept up-to-date. With a high-end PC, the graphics display is therefore much better and more fluid. Console graphics aren’t adjustable, but more expensive models like the PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X offer slightly more graphics effects or higher resolution than regular consoles. If you are interested in VR glasses, PCs are clearly at an advantage, but the necessary equipment costs a lot of money.

Consoles are technically outdated due to their relatively low prices and new models are usually only available after several years. However, games are often well optimized for console hardware. Thus, however, sometimes very considerable graphics effects are still possible on old consoles.


For consoles, all sorts of exclusive games such as Mario Kart on Nintendo and Halo at Microsoft appear. Xbox titles are now always available for Windows 10, and PlayStation titles are also playable without a console via the PlayStation Now game streaming service. On the PC there are more strategy games, role-playing games and simulations. Retro titles can also be played well there thanks to platforms such as GOG or emulators. Another advantage of computers is mod support. Thanks to these mostly free extensions, there is new content of all kinds for many games.


Local multiplayer games are actually only possible on consoles. The PC usually lacks the function completely and if it is supported in rare cases, the implementation is very cumbersome. Consoles are usually easier to use in terms of operation, and the control is usually easier with a controller. For shooters, however, targeting with a mouse is more precise. Controllers are also easily supported on the computer.

The possibilities of using a PC are undeniably more versatile, as you can install all sorts of programs there. On consoles you can still play movies or music. Communication in games is also better on the PC thanks to chat input via the keyboard or voice chat programs such as TeamSpeak or Discord.


If you’re more than just an occasional player, it’s worth buying a computer in many ways. However, if you are mainly interested in exclusive Nintendo games or want to play mainly on the go, a Switch may be worth more. Ultimately, the decision depends on which benefits are more important to you.