The advertising industry claims that advertising is the engine of our social market economy. Advertising regulates prices, leads to the constant improvement of mobile game products and informs the players. In short: advertising creates transparency and thus a greater variety of decisions.

It is much more the case that advertising is subject to the forces of the market economy, interacts with the movements of the market, and thus becomes a yardstick for the economic situation in a country.

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Generations of scientists have been concerned with whether the reputation of advertising is heard by consumers. They try to find the optimal advertising formula through their own studies, surveys, and theoretical borrowings from psychology and behavioral research.

Of course, this is not just because of the need for scientific research: the economy, in particular, wants to know whether the assets that go into advertising year after year are well invested. If one could prove which advertising works and which not, the economy would pay the advertisers according to their success and thus save several billion. However, advertising is and that’s the only thing the researchers have agreed on so far too complex to be reduced to a simple formula.

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Like any other industry, advertising works on the principle of supply and demand. In this case, however, the offer is difficult to sell. It is an advertisement for a product and, despite the contrary figures, many still believe that advertising has a negative connotation.

Advertisers know that too. You have to make advertising attractive so that it is entertaining, frightening and arousing curiosity. The ultimate goal of advertising is to attract attention. A few seconds of attention – this is the maximum price a viewer is willing to pay for good advertising.

The manufacturers of the advertised product want their product to be noticed and to be the center of attention of the consumer for a few seconds. This is exactly where the problem or the challenge for the entire advertising industry lies because every advertised product demands attention for itself and where many shout, only a few are heard.