The Rise of the Gaming Industry

Over the past years, engagement to various video games continues to increase since technology is becoming more innovative. This has a positive and negative impact. One of the positive effects is that people who invest in a certain game may be able to get a huge Return of Investment because like what I have mentioned previously, as the technology expands, the video gaming industry also expands. 

One of the instances where we can clearly see the evolution of video games is when the games before used to be just a single player where the interaction was just between the player and the system generated opponent. Whereas nowadays, the game evolved into a more interactive one where other players can be involved in one game.

Digital gaming can be done through various devices. Some players prefer mobile phone because some of the games can only be played on our mobile phones. On the other hand, others prefer playing with their laptop. If you are a gamer and a fan of Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL),  then you should know that there are a lot of gaming laptop for less than 300$. In addition, these laptops are budget yet in good quality.

The Physical Effects of Gaming

It is true that the booming industry of digital gaming will be beneficial to those who invested in it. However, the negative impacts of this are often overlooked. Kids are usually the market of digital video games. Once they start playing a particular game and start liking it, they will continuously be addicted. As a result, the kid will spend his/her free time staring at the screen for hours and they will start to withdraw from reality. With that being said, the players will have poor physical appearance due to lack of sleep and not eating properly.

The Psychological Effects of Gaming

Digital video gaming specifically violent video games also have psychological effects on kids. These kinds of video usually involve aggressive behavior that may trigger violent thoughts and actions and decrease light behavior.

To know more about Video Gaming Addiction, watch the video below: 


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