The world of news is now incredibly fast and unmanageable, as is the world of news apps. For sure, iOS Cydia can help you to keep track and to find the tailor-made news app for your reading needs.

IOS Cydia: News Republic – The trendy one

iOS Cydia

The News Republic is a news app for a younger audience that sorts current topics according to your personal preferences. In addition to numerous articles from the online editorial offices of newspapers and weekly magazines, you will also find video offers and an overview of current trends. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can get started without any challenging setup steps and select your preferred topics.

Another function of the News App is the overview of headlines, which you can find thematically categorized at the top of the screen. Regardless of which media you follow, you get the latest news from politics to sports to cars or video at a glance.

IOS Cydia: Google News – The Global

Google News is the comprehensive app for news from all over the world. The application is aimed at a wide audience. They clearly design this and has a large number of reputable sources. You have access not only to national media but international media as well. You can also read their freely accessible articles. The news app sorts the latter into four categories: For you, headlines, favorites and kiosk.

In the For you section, you will find a preselection of topics and headlines that you shouldn’t miss. The top five news of the day appears here, followed by other relevant reports. Because the app can be linked to your Google account, the offer is pretty well-tailored to you. In addition, you can of course mark sources and selected topics as favorites and thus narrow down your preferences. In combination a good product, which can only be used in this form with the corresponding Google account.

IOS Cydia: Feedly – The tailor-made one

Feedly is less of a classic news app than an RSS feed. It is one of the most famous worldwide. This means a tailored news ticker that offers you text and headlines directly in the app and without having to open the browser. If you have installed Feedly, you must first link the application to your Facebook or Google account. Then it is a matter of narrowing down your areas of interest and thus creating your individual, thematically arranged news feeds. These tickers or feeds can contain general topics like business.

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