In the past, this required bookshelves, daily trips to the kiosk and lots of storage space. Today you only need a smartphone to get information from newspapers or books. Smartphones have internet access. This makes it possible to download books from various stores and online shops. You can arrange to read these books individually.

Reading News on

You have the option to choose a larger or smaller font. So the respective page content is variable. In addition, you can access the table of contents. Thus, you can select a specific chapter or use a bookmark function to mark the point where you would like to continue reading the next time.

Last but not least, the design on the screen is also appealing, through which you can create a library atmosphere with the smartphone.

Visual effects such as the information about the story and author also contribute to the feeling of having a real newspaper in front of you. With, you can read some guides on how to choose eBook readers.

Advantage of reading news on

A major advantage of reading news on a smartphone is the flexibility it creates.

First of all, you always have a wide variety of books to choose from. Even if your own collection on your mobile phone is not enough, you can always buy another book on the Internet.

In addition, there are enormous space savings. You don’t have to plan additional space for a thick book, just take your smartphone with you. With the help of the ever-larger screens, there is also ever-greater reading comfort.

Reading books and newspapers on ereader is also a very environmentally friendly activity. You don’t have to use paper to print these documents. This fact makes even more sense for daily newspaper reading. The content of newspapers is only relevant for a very short period of time. This is why newspapers you usually read only once and then disposed of, unlike books.

For this reason, various newspaper apps for smartphones have recently become more and more popular.

With the help of these apps, it is possible to read the latest news comfortably on the mobile phone every morning. This saves going to the kiosk and the paper that would otherwise be used to print the daily newspaper.