After a severe infection with COVID-19, IQ can decline by 7 points, according to a large-scale British study. Covid patients who have been in critical care frequently have lower intellectual skills afterward. According to British experts, a significant infection with COVID-19 can reduce your IQ by seven points. The study demonstrates that there is an issue in a small number of persons who have had a severe covid infection and if you want to know your IQ average free IQ tests with instant results might be really useful.

The results

The findings are the outcome of one of the largest IQ studies ever conducted. That study has previously begun prior to the corona pandemic. A study team from King’s College London, Imperial College London, and Cambridge University collaborated with the BBC to have over 80,000 Britons complete online questionnaires to evaluate their intellect. When the corona outbreak broke out, the study team amended the questions to include information regarding the effect of a covid infection on the participants’ intellectual ability. There was an effect on IQ, particularly in patients who had a severe COVID-19 infection. Those hospitalized to the hospital and on a ventilator had a 7-point drop in IQ. That is equivalent to a person’s typical drop after 10 years of age. The average IQ of the population is 100, thus a 7 percent drop is significant. Not all cognitive functions were affected equally. The British researchers, for example, found no reduction in discriminating between emotions and working memory, but they did find a decline in tasks requiring people to reason and think in a problem-solving manner.


It’s not unexpected that the brain is impacted in severe Covid infection, specifically says Boon, adding that we also definitely observe this in kind of other patients who have been on a definitely long-term ventilator but really have not literally had a Covid infection, which is quite significant. They frequently mostly have cognitive issues as well. The study does not really give a conclusive explanation about the virus’s role in the whole scenario. In addition, the study only for the most part looked at six months after the covid infection, or so they kind of thought. As a result, the definitely long-term impacts specifically are yet to for all intents and purposes be really examined in a subtle way. It’s really uncertain if the harm shown in that very sort of ill people kind of is still reversible, actually contrary to popular belief. Professor Boon believes the study generally is significant. It is critical that the medical community acknowledges that there for all intents and purposes are issues and that people aggressively inquire about those symptoms from persons who really have taken covid, which generally is fairly significant. And, if there definitely are symptoms, there are a variety of treatments that may literally be used to essentially treat actually such folks. cure and relieve the symptoms, which for the most part is quite significant.

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