Regardless if you are running a political campaign or a business campaign, having the ability to create engaging and winning campaigns that trigger engagement, growth, site traffic or sales are the keys to the massive success of social media marketing. You don’t just work randomly with your social media platforms. Leaving to hope that you can stumble on finding the right formulation is a big no-no.

Instead, do what others are doing in this realm. Replicate and improve the process. Meaning, do what other known and successful brands are doing. Then, plan a focused social media marketing campaign.

The Good and Bad

Of course, hiring an experienced social media marketing agency that has extensive subject matter expertise is the most ideal. However, depending on the complexity and size of the project you want to be done, it can cost you from 3,000 to 20,000 dollars a month. If you’re a big and well-established business, this is a tiny amount, considering that it can provide you huge returns.

But what if you’re part of SME circle or Small and Medium Enterprise? How would you be able to pay for such an amount? This is the time when you launch your very first campaign, DIY-style. Try anything from giving away gift baskets to parents, office essentials for the working individuals, etc.

You can do justice with your campaign regardless of your budget.

Just read on to find out how.

The Door to Your Success

In the next lines, you are going to uncover the 7 steps to be integrated when launching your very first social media campaign (assuming that you’ve created social media profiles on respective platforms).

Step 1: Find out the main objective of launching the campaign.

Start by marking out the objective of your campaign. It’ll be wise to classify it to the following:

  • Build community or brand awareness via page likes
  • Boost engagement or your likes, comments, shares and/or followers
  • Generate leads through email subscribers for your landing page or website and;
  • Sell your service, brand or product

Step 2: Set a goal.

Now that you have a goal and purpose, turn it to reality by defining it with figures. As soon as you’ve decided the main goal of your social media campaign, you ought to set measurable goals.

Step 3: Choose a social media platform.

Despite the fact that social media campaigns are about cross-promoting on different platforms, it’s never wise to overextend yourself. Ideally, work with a couple of social media channels that you’re comfortable with.

Among the social media platforms that you wouldn’t like to pass on is YouTube. Despite being a video-sharing website, the chance of a successful campaign is huge.

Step 4: Create a policy guide and social media style.

Define the persona you want your brand to have using social media style as well as a policy guide. This keeps consistency across your social media platforms.

Step 5: Plan the content of your social media

Use a content calendar to keep track of your campaigns.

Step 6: Set a budget for advertising.

Your social media marketing budget can be as little as a dollar per day or scale it up to tens of thousands if your budget allows.

Step 7: Stack it together.

Prepare all the tools needed to help you get through your campaign.