There are far too many violent games dominating the video gaming industry. While most of them are blocked games to protect minors from easy access, there are ways to gain access through unblocked games 77. While this is good for many gamers, this could be risky for the young ones who are still developing their understanding of the world.

Non-violent video games existed way back the early days of media, no bloodsheds, war or hatred. The difference in this modern pacifist game is that they feature mature ideas such as loss, sadness, and social relationships. For example, in Gone Home in 2013, players explored the availability of characters and looked for signs of missing families. It marketed almost 1 million copies and subsequently won 2013’s Polygon’s annual game awards.

Developers Are Taking A Pause From Violent Games

Kells Tate is the proprietor of CatBean Games and the co-chief developer of the forthcoming Calico. Calico is a magical curved cat coffee simulator, adding pacifist games can get rid of often seemingly busy and violent reality. “People are generally very nervous now,” she said. “I feel many people, like me, are getting tired of cynicism and indifference. We’d rather deal with real-world problems and to truly respond to what is happening in our real world.”

For many developers, pacifist video games provide the opportunity to rethink what they do in terms of work.

“I needed to pause from murder simulators, at some point you realize the images of bloodshed and killing gets stuck in your mind. At some point, it gets through your skin, and that’s scary.” — Laurent Bernier

Laurent Bernier worked on game titles such as Far Cry and the Assassin’s Creed prior to co-founding Breaking Walls, an indie games studio. Today, he has been helping create AWAY: The Survival Series. This is a game that makes players discover and investigate Madagascar, all these while assuming various animal forms.

Major Console Makers Also Contributes To More Pacifist Games

Major game console manufacturers are recognizing the growing attention in less conventional video games. Nintendo has tended to use a series like the Animal Crossing series. Sony company hosted many pacifist games including Journey and Flowers. Microsoft company has already established no less than three games for E3, this includes Hyperdot and Spiritfarer.

Fighting and shooting games are growing to lead the annual bestseller list, and they are impossible to go away soon. However, as indie game developers are testing new ideas, we are seeing a possible rapid expansion of the media.