Microblading can look great – but it can also go horribly wrong! We’ll tell you exactly how microblading works – and what you absolutely have to consider to save yourself the fate of an Australian (SEE BELOW!).

What is microblading?

The short answer: permanent make-up for the eyebrows that works like a cosmetic tattoo. Lined up needles – the blades – put color pigments into the skin, similar to tattooing. With the difference that the pigments naturally fade after a while without changing their color. How long you can enjoy your perfect eyebrows depends, for example, on the fat content of the skin. Basically , the color is approx. one to two years. With oily skin, there is a greater risk that the color will fade faster.

How does microblading work?

First, you will get the desired eyebrow shape is drawn on the forehead. The artist then “cuts” fine lines into the area with the blades. These look totally natural because they are actually only as wide as human hair.

Microblading experts advise that you never have your eyebrows tattooed. A vibrating needle can not work as fine as the blades. Nevertheless, after microblading, your skin resembles one freshly tattooed skin – it is red and irritated. You also have to clean the area and rub it with a fat cream. This protects against scab and binds the color in the skin.

By the way: you only get brows like Cara Delevingne with microblading if you want them. You can also just fill in gaps.

How do I find a good eyebrow artist?

Microblading has been very trendy in Europe for some time. So you are spoiled for choice between countless cosmetic studios and chains that specialize in microblading. You can recognize a serious artist by the fact that he takes extensive time for you and responds to your wishes – until everyone is satisfied. In addition, a professional pays close attention to hygiene . So he will always wear gloves and use a disposable needle .

What does microblading cost?

The costs vary from studio to studio. Between 250 and 500 euros for several meetings are possible. It takes a few fresh-ups before you have the perfect eyebrows . If the color has faded after a year, you can go to go stitch . This then costs less than the actual lancing.