Definition of Trundle Bed

The term trundle bed is probably new to most of us. In lay man’s term it is called the pull out bed because an extra bed can be pulled out below the furniture. Trundle bed is a very popular type of bed because it helps save up space. Condo type homes and small rooms benefit a lot from this furniture. Say for example you are the type of person who likes having a friend around your house, this is suitable for you. You can choose to pull it out when he/she is around and bring it back to its original style when you are alone. It will just look like a single bed or a twin size bed. Basically trundle beds are best used when extra space for sleeping is needed and you do not want that person to sleep at the floor.

Are Trundle Beds Right for You?

Trundle beds are commonly used among studio type apartments, condo rooms, and other areas that have small spaces. However, the problem with this type of bed is that the mattress at the pull out bed is not that thick. Hence it is advisable that kids should sleep on the trundle bed. If you want a good quality mattress for your trundle bed, you might want to check Sleepy Will Reviews. They have a list of high quality and affordable trundle beds.

Advantages of Trundle Bed

  1. Storage space- what is good about trundle bed aside from providing extra space for sleeping is that it also has storage spaces where you can put some of your belongings. This will make your room look clean and tidy.
  2. Size selection – there are lots of size options for you to choose from depending on the size of room. In most cases, pull out bed are placed in children’s room.
  3. Your room will look more artsy and creative-  not only trundle beds are for space saving. Its design is so cute it can help your room look more fresh and creative. You can customize it depending on the size and appearance.


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