Men in particular do not always like to shop. Buying shoes is no exception. Men have significantly fewer shoes in their closets than women. Surveys have shown that they choose between around 8 pairs of shoes, while many women choose 20 pairs or more. But this year, it seems that more men have gone shopping for shoes – online!

Shopping for men’s shoes has become easier, all thanks to online shopping. Men have less interest in shopping that’s why they prefer to purchase shoes from online stores like Workboots Ireland, a supplier of Delta Plus certified safety work boots. No matter whether you are looking for men’s sneakers or a leather shoe for everyday work, whoever buys men’s shoes online saves money.

How do men shop for shoes?

Most men can’t go fast enough when buying shoes. They then go to a store when the old model breaks or the shoe pinches in the truest sense of the word. Women, on the other hand, go shopping more often just for fun or want to reward themselves with the purchase of a new pair. As a rule, advice is not as important to men when buying shoes as it is to women.

They often know what they want as soon as they enter the store and proceed with determination. It is important for them to be able to quickly find the item they want. They worry if the model they want isn’t in stock in the right size. Many men also get impatient when the queue at the checkout is too long. Online shopping can solve these problems. Anyone who makes a purchase on online stores can take time to choose the shoes of their preference even in the comfort of their home.

There is no need to search for a parking space or push around in the shop. The Hogan online shop is easy to find thanks to the clear design, and there is a separate section for men’s shoes. Here you can shop in just a few minutes. Thanks to express shipping, the ordered models arrive at the delivery address one to three working days after ordering. Even standard shipping takes up to five days, which is relatively short.

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What to look out for when shopping for shoes online?

When shopping for shoes online, it is important to look out for the following:

– The size of the shoe you are buying. It should be a size 9 or up.

– The weight of the shoe. You should not buy shoes that weigh more than 10 pounds.

– The style of the shoe. You should buy a pair that is comfortable and will suit your needs.

– The material of the shoe. It is recommended that you get a pair with leather, suede, or cloth material as they are more durable and comfortable than other materials.

– And finally, make sure that you buy from an official website like Amazon or Zappos where returns are easy to make if something does not work for you

Conclusion: Media Reports More Men Are Buying Shoes Online In 2022

In 2022, it is expected that there will be a significant shift towards men buying more shoes online than women. Forecasts show that the online shoe market will be dominated by men this year. Although we are yet to enter the second quarter of the year, sales statistics show that there are more men’s shoes sold in the first quarter of this year. Does this mean that this year breaks the record of online shopping between men and women? In the past years, women dominated the shopping world, in local and in online stores. This year could be different but we are yet to see the trend in the last three quarters.