When it gets colder and wetter outside, you are already so reluctant to go to the door. Those who now even overcome themselves to go jogging in the rain will be rewarded with a good mood and a strong immune system.

Running in the rain? Many amateur athletes may be wondering why they should go out at all now – when you might as well do a HIIT at home or make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Because running in the rain can be as funny as the who-spins-in-the-thick-puddle-game with the playmates: who got the wettest had won.

The fun factor is by no means the only reason why it is a good idea to go jogging even in supposedly bad weather.


Here are three valid reasons why you should go jogging in the rain:


Back then, as children, they wanted to get wet. Thanks to sophisticated clothing technology, this is no longer necessary – and would not be so helpful for the immune system. It is therefore important to Functional wash and, in the case of rain, above all a good Running jacket, which does not let the moisture in from the outside, but quickly lets out the sweat from the inside.

As soon as the rain penetrates through the clothes, however, one should make the way home – one wants to strengthen the defenses by running in the rain and not let the body cool down.


One of the great advantages of the rain run: the refreshment from above.

Meaning: Basically, you are more ready to perform in the rain. After all, it motivates enormously to simply ignite the inner turbo, to sprint against the cool wetness, to forget everything and only to feel yourself and your own body. Maybe you’ll even get the raucous enjoyment of Runner’s High. At the latest here you forget the rain and return fought, but happy again.


The rain radar shows nothing but rain for the next day? Time to make appointments! Not in the café, but on the running track.

Running in the rain touches the soul in a special way: Especially when you are running together now, you will find topics that you wouldn’t otherwise find so easy to talk about – and thanks to the date, the inhibition threshold for cancelling the sports appointment is higher.



People who work with the right images in their head can also get on training better and longer in the long run than people who are constantly thinking back and forth about whether to run.

Running – especially in bad weather – works best through the right motivation. Look forward to the lonely paths you now have for yourself and the view of nature that needs the rain. Looking forward to the well-deserved hot shower afterwards and the great feeling of having overcome the inner pig dog can also work true miracles.

Even with music to jog can additionally motivate. Waterproof sports headphones and music that fits your own running rhythm are important for this. Also, make sure to check ‘emergency water damage restoration corona ca‘ if you are having a water damage problem in your home.