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Is it really possible for your home to be too clean? the answer to that question is no. I know you may not agree with this because you will say that you always keep your house clean. But it is possible that your home cannot be too clean? why? Because the definition of “clean” is “the absence of unwanted matter”. If there is a desirable benefit to dirt or soil, then it “unwanted”

There are a lot of things that can be classified as “unwanted matter” such as empty beer cans, bottles, and pizza. Then there are germs. But of course there are good and bad germs and bad germs are called pathogens. Pathogens are alive and communicate with each other. They are meant to stay alive by defending themselves against threats.

I know that the area that we do not want to have germs are kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, there are times that we are too busy and tired to clean. Hence we avail home cleaning services especially those who live in San Diego. At Maid Just Right referral agency, they always strive to offer a little something extra than the competition – at the heart of their affordable cleaning services is complete customer satisfaction and they provide a bespoke house cleaning service that is not only tailored to your individual house cleaning needs but goes the extra mile in ensuring complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

To further understand why your home is not all the time too clean, consider the following items for your clean home:

  1. Understand the definition of “clean” for your home. You must at least know that there are germs inside your home that are dangerous.
  2. Based on your schedule, establish a cleaning routine.You should prioritize the kitchen, bathrooms, and high touches surfaces like doorknobs. The truth is there are some surfaces that should be cleaned everyday.
  3. Avoid sharing personal items such as towels, razors, and brushes.
  4. Use cleaning products and disinfectants that are less harmful. In addition, you should also follow the instruction given at the product packaging. Strictly follow the sit time instructions.