What should you do if you are locked out of your home and don’t have a spare key? You probably pull out your smartphone and search for “locksmith near me” or something more specific and local like Slotenmaker Wassenaar. 

You find a company with your city’s name and an address not far from your house at the top of the search results. What good fortune! You dial a local locksmith number, and the person on the other end gives you a reasonable estimate.

The technician arrives in an unmarked vehicle, sometimes much later than the promised quick arrival time over the phone. When they finish the job, they present you with a bill for many times the quoted price and demand payment in cash.

How to Locate and Employ a Reliable Locksmith

When you find a trustworthy locksmith, you’ll gladly add them to your contact list. Many legitimate locksmiths claim that Internet search engines and phone directories exacerbate the problem by allowing scammers to create fraudulent locksmith listings that appear to be local businesses.

Companies use tried-and-true methods in unregulated advertising, such as “AAA” or “A1” in front of their names, then posting company names with specific cities/suburbs online to create the illusion that they are local.

Because most states and municipalities do not license locksmiths, customers must find a reputable one before needing one in an emergency. A professionally trained locksmith can open any door with the proper tools and expertise. 

Locksmith scams are a common issue in the world of locksmithing. The scammers will try to take advantage of the situation by giving their victims a false sense of security. They will charge them for their service and lock them out when they try to get the job done. People can avoid this by always checking for reviews online before hiring a locksmith. Another way is ensuring they are insured against this type of scam.

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