humanoid robotLast December 20, 2023, billionaire Elon Musk shared a video showing Tesla’s improved new generation humanoid robot, branded as “Optimus Gen 2.”
Musk’s Tesla, the company known for its electric car production, also devotes resources in developing humanoid robots capable of performing certain human tasks, including interacting with humans.

The Optimus Gen 2’s New Capabilities

robotic handsThe “Optimus Gen 2” is described in the video as an upgrade of the prototype that was unveiled earlier this year when the company marked Tesla’s AI Day. In the demo video shared by Musk, the upgraded humanoid robot walks at a faster pace, has more agile hand movements, and has tactile sensing capability on its fingers.

Such movements were demonstrated by Optimus Gen-2 while in action with the Tesla Cyber Trucks parked around a Tesla factory. Sporting a sleek shiny white exterior the robot also demonstrated its ability to do squats owing to the improvements made on the robot’s capability to maintain full body control and balance.

As a demonstration of Optimus Gen-2’s new humanoid hands and tactile sensors in all fingers, the humanoid robot shows he can also boil eggs.

Since Optimus Gen 2 is lighter by 10 kg than its prototype predecessor, it can move faster and smoother, which it manifested by executing some dance moves.