Do you want to know facts about essential oils?

More people today truly agree about the miracle healing of essential oils. They also enjoy the benefits of using it.

To equip yourself with the right information, stay tuned with me on this blog. Essential oils are gaining popularity for quite a long time now. It’s a natural cost-effective for any healthcare problem. It is well known for its efficiency in treating minor ailments.

Despite the appearance of effective medicines, there are still people who would rather choose natural medicine. So today, take a look at some of the types of essential oils and its uses.

What are the Types of Essential Oils

There are different types of essential oils that serve different kinds of purpose. Here are some few basic types of essential oils:

1. Cinnamon Oil

Extracted from the bark and leaf of Cinnamon verum tree, is one of the oldest of essential oils. In aromatherapy, cinnamon oil helps clear up chest colds.

2. Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass essential oil is derived from the steam distillation of the plant and, true to its name, it possesses a mild, sweet, lemony-yet-herbal aroma. Lemongrass essential oil is antibacterial and antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and can be a potent insect repellent.

3. Clary Sage

Clary sage has been lauded for its reputed ability to regulate hormones, and its scent is thought to have antidepressant effects.

4. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and exhibits anticancer activity. It kills oral bacteria for up to two weeks, can be used for gingivitis, heals mild to moderate dandruff, kills the influenza virus, and has been shown to slow the growth of tumors in mice.

Why is Essential Oil Important?

We all know that things that grow from the ground have nutrition in it and this nutrition is good for our health and wellness.  

We know that we use healthy foods as a way to prevent sickness and disease, and a diet rich in grains, fruits, and vegetables that grow from the ground is important to our keeping our bodies healthy.

Essential oils can help you cope with stress, headaches, neck pain, relaxation, and even earaches.  I know because this is how I use them in my own life.

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