Massage therapy has a number of physical and health advantages. It has been done to manage various health ailments such as migraines and dysmenorrhea among women. It has also been utilized to get rid of tiredness, pressure, and persistent back and lower back disorders in pregnant ladies. Massage therapy also aids in decreasing weight and control high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. The advantages of massage therapy are countless. Even so, massage therapy has many disadvantages.

  • Time Consuming

We live in a busy world where every second count. Because 스웨디시 massage therapy is an activity that takes a lot of your time, it may be a struggle if you are the kind that uses most of the time doing your job or managing other activities. Several therapies take about 60-90 minutes, a term where you will be just resting on the massage bed without doing anything. The timing for massage therapy can be somehow difficult since if you are occupied, you can only book at night, mornings and the weekend. These sessions require an additional charge.

  • Expense

Skilled and certified therapists who have to pay bills and earn a living do this kind of job despite the low pay. They also utilize rich essential oils and tools to offer quality service. Generally, a lot of therapies will ask for a tip and it will be even more costly if your only available time is weekends. These schedules fall under the premium price category and are normally quite hard to afford.

  • Body Injuries

Even though they seldom do happen, you cannot scrap out the chance of a physical injury because of this type of therapy. Sometimes, an amateur therapist is not knowledgeable enough and skillful to manage your body in the best way. Accidents happen due to too much pressure being applied, incorrect moves, skin abrasions due to friction, and on the different levels, blood vessels can tear. You may also end up with fractured bones. These physical damages are very costly to treat, therefore the requirement to look for an experienced and certified massage therapist.

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