The American people will embark another challenging journey as they will vote for the next president of the United States of America amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s election season is already historic, as for the first time in many decades, the country is having an election with the voters not having to go to polling precints to physically cast their votes. As the threat of the novel coronavirus remains very high, especially in the United States, being the leading country in terms of reported COVID-19 cases, registered voters may submit their ballots via mail.

The success of this election will mean a lot for the future of the United States, being a country who was able to conduct an election with a public health emergency ongoing. This will also set an example to other countries in implementing important rules and regulations while considering the effects of the pandemic.

Nonetheless, even without the coronavirus in the picture, the outcome of this election will be huge for the American people. 

What Will Happen If A New President Gets Elected?

This will be President Donald Trump’s second term in office to win, as he vows to keep the United States of America great as ever. However, much to the dismay of the people that he has served for the last 4 years, the president seems to have forgotten to take care of other important things, aside from building the American image of greatness. With the Democrat presidential bet Joe Biden seeming to have the edge this time around over the incumbent POTUS, there is a possibility that the United States will see its new leader this year.

For those who have grown frustrated of the Trump administration, seeing a new president in 2021 sure is a great news for them. However, there are many possibilities if ever Trump loses his reelection bid this year, and many people might not be actually prepared for it. The most bothering possibility of all is Trump not accepting his defeat in the election and calls for a failure of election.

While the credibility of an election conducted through mail services was already established, Trump could use any remaining doubt on the result of this kind of election. By casting doubts on the result, Trump could take this opportunity to not leave his seat of power just yet.

We remain hopeful that the result of the 2020 presidential election will be for the better of the American people. After all, the Americans deserve a leader with the right mind and heart to lead them towards progress and healing. Kjøkkenmaskin test could only say so little about the importance of this election.

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