Shark Attack


In Australia, there are always shark attacks, and therefore, as here in New South Wales in 2015, swimming bans on the beach. The giant fish attacks a teenager in Australia several times – until her father and brother come to her aid.

Off the coast of Australia, a father has successfully saved his 15-year-old daughter from a shark in a very dramatic action. After the approximately four-and-a-half-meter-long animal pushed his daughter Sarah out of her sit-in kayak (learn the difference of sit on vs sit in kayak here) and attacked her, he rushed to her aid from another boat, Chris Williams told Australian public broadcaster ABC. The teenager got away with a few scratches.

His daughter had been on Sunday in a kayak for squid fishing on the coast of the South Australian Normanville, Williams reported on ABC, in shallow water, no further than 100 meters from the beach. Suddenly, the huge fish, probably a great white shark, threw the kayak and his daughter into the air and attacked them. He heard a blood-curdling scream, Williams said, and there were “fins and white water everywhere.”


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Sarah managed to climb back into the kayak, but the shark pushed her out again. The shark circled the kayak and tried to bite into it. “He was about to bite again,” Williams explained. He started the engine of his boat to help his daughter as quickly as possible, his son Mitchell was finally able to pull the 15-year-old out of the water “over the back of the shark”.

Sarah told 9News: “I watched him when I was in the water with him.” It was exactly “like in ‘Jaws'”.

Off the coasts of Australia, shark attacks occur again and again. Just a few days ago, an Australian escaped a large tiger shark in the open sea by swimming miles back to shore. There have already been 14 such incidents this year. A 17-year-old died in front of her parents in a shark attack. According to experts, as the popularity of water sports grows, shark attacks are also increasing.

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