Women-empowerment is seeing fulfillment as President-elect Biden nominated female appointees to fill senior positions of his administration’s communications team. It’s another first in the history of American politics, as the members of Biden’s communications staff include women of color.

So far, the incoming President’s picks are generally garnering great feedback as they demonstrate the fulfillment of Mr. Biden’s campaign promise of diversity to a government that is faced with economic, social and health challenges.

Anita Dunn, one of Mr. Biden’s top campaign aide, describes the all-female members as a strong team, even while having diverse viewpoints are capable of forming a cohesive group. Ms. Dunn expects that the strong wome n named by the President-elect will disrupt a journalism system in which mostly male views typically dominate government and political media coverages

Former CNN Contributor to Act as White House Press Secretary

Jennifer “Jen” Psaki, a former CNN contributor but whose main credential in qualifying as Biden’s WH Press Secretary is her reputation as a veteran political adviser and Democratic spokeswoman. Additionally, she also took office at the White House in 2015 up to 2017 as WH Communications Director and as spokesperson for the State Department, whilst performing other communication and press functions under the Obama Administration.

Katherine “Kate” Bedingfield, Long Time Biden Campaign Aide Named WH Communications Director

Kate Bedingfield, who has been a long time campaign aide for the president-elect will be seeing action under the Biden administration as White House Communications Director. Her political career links to the President-elect back to when she first served as a communication director to Biden during his term as Vice President to Obama.

Women’s Views will Finally Have an Impact in the U.S

From the very moment Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a decision to choose a woman as running mate, the signal became clear that women’s voices and their issues will finally be heard in the coming four years. Mr. Biden still chose Kamala Harris, even if it meant reversing his position on Pro-Choice, or the right of women to seek abortion if deemed necessary by women faced with unwanted pregnancy,

There’s a whole lot of difference with the way the past four years of the Trump administration have given recognition to women when it comes to policy making decisions. Many regard Biden’s female picks as a reflection of how Biden recognizes the value of his female campaign aides’ contributions, their activism as well as political donations, which made it possible for him to win the November presidential elections.

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