We are living in a time where numerous tasks in different professions are achieved using the computer. In various branches of the media industry, for instance, there are numerous tasks that need to be done through computerized systems, such as news broadcasting/reporting, newspaper and magazine layout, printing and publishing.

Computers have become an essential instrument for numerous jobs not only in the media industry but also in different areas of various industries. This is because there are certain productivity tools that make work easier, faster and more efficient to complete.

MS Office 2019 – Productivity Tools You Can Own Perpetually

Microsoft Office is a line of software and services originated by Microsoft and was first introduced in 1988 by Bill Gates. Also called MS Office or Office, the software is a set of applications that are cleverly designed to boost productivity as well as help complete a variety of office-related tasks in a simpler and more professional manner. There are several versions and editions of Microsoft Office that is supported by various operating systems (OS) which includes Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Released in 2018, MS Office 2019 is a version available for Windows 10 and MacOS users. The version includes the core applications of MS Office and notable upturns over MS Office 2016 as well as other earlier on-premises MS Office versions.

It is offered as a one-time upfront purchase for one PC and can only be acquired from a retail store or via a volume licensing agreement.  Microsoft has specified clearly that the Office suite is to be “perpetual”. This means that once you bought it, you get to keep and own it. This in contrast with other versions like Microsoft 365 wherein you need to pay a monthly subscription to continue using the applications.

While anyone could buy MS Office 2019, it was designed for business use or commercial customers. As it includes volume licensing, it is great and ideal for businesses that or entrepreneurs who aren’t ready or don’t wish to use MS Office’s cloud-based version. Additionally, MS Office 2019 can also be installed on mobile devices that you own so you can gain access to the basic features when you need to.