YouTube has about 2 billion active users monthly, it is a titan in the online sphere, and is one that can’t be disregarded or ignored by digital marketers. Whether YouTube is defined by many as a platform or channel for social media or not, the fact is that it continues to be the front-runner in video content and database, which is currently the most popular system for reaching and connecting with audiences. No wonder many opt to buy views to add to their organic views.

Why Many Channels Are More Popular Than Others

However just like other platforms or channel, if you would want to gain the full benefit of YouTube, you need to be very familiar with how it functions, why individuals flock to the platform as well as what contents they view on the platform. To shed more light on this, Pew Research have carried out a study of several of the channels on YouTube that are most popular, so as to find out what they post, how they post them, as well as what trends in terms of content are surfacing.

The team from Pew who conducted the research concentrated on channels on YouTube with a minimum of 250,000 subscribers. They also conducted a study of each and every contents posted by this particular during the first week of the year. This gave them over 43,000 uploads, providing Pew a vast set of data to analyze.

A Small Number of Makers of Video Content Contribute to the Bulk of Uploads

As seen on majority of platforms, Pew discovered that a rather small quantity of content makers contribute to the bulk of uploads. According to Pew, of the channels that is popular which are identified in the mapping center, only 10% generated 70% of all posted videos by these channels during the first week of the year 2019. Correspondingly, the 10% of videos in the popular-channel that had gotten the most views during the first week were responsible for 79% of the total views that moved to new content uploaded by these channels.

In another published study Pew, they discovered a comparable trend on Twitter wherein they discovered that 10% of the most prolific users of Twitter generate 80% of total tweets.

Potentially, this backs the circumstance for influencer marketing, that if a small quantity of creators are getting the bulk of attention, those channels are what actually you need to be on. It might cost you more to do so; however the data would indicate that it can direct to better outcomes. Nonetheless, even if this is the case, the leading creators of YouTube channels, generally, are extremely active.