Although most Americans are voicing appreciation for the nation’s health workers, those groups of heroic people need government support above everything else.

Even up to this month, health workers in the U.S. are still calling on the Trump-led administration to provide them with critical personal protective equipment to use as they take the frontlines in battling against the COVID-19 virus.

Nurses working at Jacobi Hospital in Bronx, New York came out to publicly protest how government and hospital leaders seem to have no concern over their plight, letting doctors, nurses and other medical frontliners grapple with dangerous situations; whilst making do with whatever little supply of masks, gloves and gowns are available as personal protections.

Sean Petty, a nurse at the Jacobi Hospital’s pediatric emergency room, and one of the protesters lamented:

”It seems that to hospital and government leaders, deaths among healthcare workers are inevitable; making us feel like our lives are expendable, even if we know that they are not.”

Actually the demand for PPEs among health workers can be seen and heard not only in New York, but across cities and towns across the U.S. particular in hardest hit regions. Meanwhile, government leaders continue to squabble, where the ruling political party refuses to grant financial aid to states identified with the opposing political party.

Even more hurting, is to hear news that in the UK, the government took action in addressing the effects of global PPE shortage.

The UK Government Implements Nationwide Plan to Ensure PPE Provisions in the Country


Last April 10, 2020, Matt Hancock, the UK Health and Social Care Secretary, announced that a 3-strand UK-wide plan has been launched to resolve PPE shortage in the country.

First off, a national supply and logistics network was built from scratch as a means of managing the supply and demand for PPE across the UK.

Secondly, the government is harnessing full, 24/7 military cooperation; making management of the supply and demand for PPE a military operation. The purpose of which is to make certain PPE appropriations will be distributed to those who need them most.

Health Secretary Hancock reported that more than 761 million pieces of PPE are already up for distribution in the UK, but following a set of clear guidance on who needs them and when PPE should be used. The guidance was put in place to ensure that National Health Service (NHS) workers in need of PPEs will receive them at the right time.

Thirdly, the UK government has tapped the resources of McLaren and Rolls Roy, to ensure domestic manufacture and supply of protective equipment in the country.

How UK Citizens Show Appreciation for NHS Workers


In sponsoring this news article, is also providing information about the “Clap For Our Carers” campaign being joined in by hundreds of thousands of Britons throughout the country. Every Thursday of the week, UK residents across the country simultaneously applaud to let the NHS doctors, nurses, health care staff, cleaners and others working in the front lines, hear and see the entire nation’s appreciation for their valuable and heroic services.