Part of the technological innovation is the growth and vast influence of social media to people of all ages. And because of this, social media is one of the greatest platform to utilize in order to reach people especially the youth. More industry today, including the sport industry – tennis to be particular, make use of social media to entice young players to engage in this traditional sport at an early age.

Marketing Strategies Using Social Media

Youth of today’s time occupy most of their life by utilization of social media. Most of them do not want to engage in other fields like sport. In order to get their attention and entice them to accept and learn how sport like tennis is enjoyable, here are some strategies to encourage them.

1. Creating Youth Ambassadors on Social Media in order to encourage the Millennials

The tennis sport team creates youth ambassadors in order to encourage people of their age group to engage in sports. They do this by sharing their inspiring stories on social media.

Part of our mission is to inspire the next tennis champions. Utilizing the social media platform, we start to build a relationship with the Millennials by creating 100 youth ambassadors. All of this ambassadors share their tennis stories and inspiring journeys on social media.

2. Disseminate the strategy by using strong benchmarking

Benchmarking is one way of verifying your performance versus the performance of your competitors. Moreover, this can also help you to identify your own metric to the standard.

In addition, as a player, you must also be able to verify your playing techniques and sport equipment such as the tennis racquet. The reviews of tennis racquets may contribute in determining the appropriate tennis gear for youth tennis player. This way, their engagement into this kind sport would be high enough to encourage them.

3. The importance of hashtag conversation

Using hashtag in communicating via the social media is one way of showing the audience their engagement on the topic. Moreover, determining the way people are utilizing the hashtag, you may able to learn their interest.

Through this you may able to handle the marketing content of your strategy. This way, you may incorporate more encouraging and delighting content to the audience. Because of this, the youth would be enticed to play tennis in today’s time.

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