While it is hard to pinpoint the real cause of depression, there are several aspects that are connected to its development.

Oftentimes, depression is a result from the combination of long term or personal factors or recent events than just a single immediate event or issue.

Life Events and its Influence to Build Up of Depression

According to research, there are tons of triggering factors for depression and this includes but not limited to:

  1. Long term unemployment
  2. Living in abusive or an uncaring relationship
  3. Loneliness
  4. Long term isolation
  5. Prolonged work stress

On the other hand, recent events similar to being fired or combination of events may trigger depression as well if you are at risk due to personal factors and previous bad experiences.

How Personal Factors is Promoting Depression?

As mentioned, personal factors are life experiences with your personal life including family history, your own personality and the likes. Read more to have further understanding of it.

Family history – depression may run in the family and some might be at greater genetic risk. Having a close relative or parent with depression does not indicate that you will experience the same. It’s because your personal decisions still have a significant influence.

Personality – some might be at a higher risk of depression simply because of the personality they have. This is true especially among those who have low self confidence, worrying a lot, being sensitive to criticism, self critical and perfectionist. If you are like such, then it is best if you’d talk to a doctor. That way, you know how to handle situations like this when they arise in the future.

Serious medical illness – worry and stress of coping with a serious medical condition can also be a reason for depression. More so if the person deals with chronic pain and/or long term management.

Alcohol and drug use – when these substances are used and abused, it sure does can lead to depression. Fact is, a lot of people who have depression have alcohol and drug related problems. It is their addiction with these substances that also pushes them to do things that are against the law – doing robbery, murder, mass shooting and the likes. All are heinous crimes. When convicted, they use bail bonds to get a temporary release. This makes the family of the departed to fear for their lives.

If only depression can be addressed long before it happens, none of these things would have to happen.