The newspapers stand for credible information, an enormous reach, and excellent contact qualities. This makes the newspaper the ideal advertising platform.

Newspaper ads are believable and useful

A number of readers find advertisements in the newspaper reliable and credible. People confirm the practical shopping benefits of newspaper advertisements: In their opinion, advertisements in the newspaper help to select inexpensive offers. The newspaper’s serious image is not only reflected in the advertisements, but also in the businesses that advertise.

Newspapers achieve a large reach

Many people read every print edition of a daily or weekly newspaper. The daily newspapers make up the largest share. With the newspaper, practically all population groups can be reached in one fell swoop – every day.

The newspaper is the first address online

With their digital offer, the newspapers reach more readers than any other website. Accordingly, 49.4 million people use them every month. Their digital offers have achieved millions of likes.

The newspaper is more than its print edition

The newspaper is used in very different ways: printed, as an app, e-paper, mobile offer, or online edition. In the combination of print and digital editions, the newspapers reach a great number of the population every week. Users either read their newspaper on paper, on their smartphone, or on a stationary computer. The newspaper is read – one way or another.

Newspaper advertising creates the shopping list

Newspaper advertising is the most important way of finding out about offers in shops. Some people have already read their newspaper before they go shopping. It should be noted that newspaper advertising is important reading material.

Newspaper readers are focused

Anyone who reads the newspaper is totally involved. No other medium is used as carefully as the newspaper. This concentrated use benefits the editorial content but also the advertisements in the newspaper.

Daily newspapers are the number one source of information

Local is in demand. In the region, the national or the regional daily newspaper is the most important source of information for local events in their place of residence.

The newspapers have the greatest local competence

Local and regional daily newspapers are firmly established in the region. They are by far the most credible medium for local issues. Newspapers are seen as the mouthpiece for the people in the region who take a clear stance on local political issues, provide comprehensive and credible information, and have competent editors.

The newspapers are powerful advertising media

Media channels are always money channels too. Newspapers are used for advertising aside from television.