Due to the pandemic, people are facing contact restriction and home office, the everyday life of many people has changed a lot. This can cause stress and insecurity both in people with pre-existing mental illness and in previously healthy people.

If you no longer know more on your own, you will need professional help – the psychiatric crisis services can be the contact persons here. Other suitable contact points can be provided by family doctors, psychotherapists, suitably qualified specialists, institute clinics and Psychosocial such as the social psychiatric services in your region. Many providers like The Swell Score can help you with stress management, sleeping better, and getting a lot of variety in the diet for a healthier life.

Psychotherapeutic help

For people who are aware of the existing pandemic situation or an ordered quarantine, psychic committed psychotherapists (psychotherapists, psychological psychotherapists, child and adolescent psychotherapists, child and adolescent psychotherapists) in Bavaria offer individual psychotherapeutic support via video consultation.

Depression in adolescence

The restrictions triggered by Corona hit our teens and young people particularly hard. No wonder frustration, fear and anger accumulate. The uncertainty remains great and everyone is wondering: When will life finally return to normal? Can I start an apprenticeship at all at the moment? How long can my parents finance short-time work? Before fears and worries become too great and at worst even lead to depression, it is better to get help.

Against loneliness and depression in old age

Older people often suffer from loneliness even in normal times and miss the participation in active life. In many cases, loneliness even leads to an age depression. The Corona pandemic and the associated severe contact restrictions have made this situation even worse, as many older people have greatly reduced their social contacts in order to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 minimize it. In this particular and stressful situation, we must not leave the elderly alone. This is why there are numerous offers of help and actions explicitly for senior citizens.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just about beatings. Physical violence is just one facet of a complex pattern of behavior that is fully aimed at power and control. Those affected are often also exposed to psychological violence such as humiliation, threats or intimidation by the perpetrator. Quarantine and fears of existence burden families and partnerships – in this situation, conflicts and domestic violence can increase. At the same time, it is becoming more difficult for those affected to seek help.

Mental health

The Corona pandemic can cause or exacerbate stress and insecurity due to, for example, social restrictions, the elimination of daily structure by home office, and the dangers of the virus itself, such as anxiety or depressive symptoms.

Follow a daily routine that has worked for you in the past. Give yourself sufficient rest and relaxation, healthy meals and sufficient exercise. Consciously create space for activities that will make you happy. It can help to create an activity plan in which you plan your duties such as working hours, household, doctor visits and relaxing activities to compensate. Make sure that duties and relaxing activities are balanced.