Not only people present themselves on social media. Four-legged friends also pose for the social media platform and thus get a lot of likes. People who are into the pet industry should take advantage of this. As many people are using social media channels these days, you can direct them to your dog website through your social media accounts.

Tips to make your dog become a star on social media

It’s all about variety

Regardless of whether it’s photos of two or four-legged friends, always having the same background quickly becomes boring. It is best to photograph your pet in different places. You can photograph them on a walk in the woods, on the couch at home, or on vacation at the beach. The main thing is that the four-legged friend feels comfortable.

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Quality matters

No matter how cute the pet is if the photos are blurred or otherwise of poor quality, it will not be enough to become a social media star. It doesn’t matter whether the photo is taken with a mobile phone, a system camera or a single-lens reflex camera. It is important that the trigger is pressed at the right moment and that the eyes are sharp on the picture.

Always be ready

Even the bravest of four-legged friends sometimes do the unexpected. Don’t forget that this can turn into a great picture. You should not underestimate the effect of a snapshot. For that reason, it helps if you have a good command of your photo equipment. In addition, it’s good if you can take a good quality picture even in spontaneous situations.

Breaking the rules

Oftentimes, you don’t photograph smaller animals in particular from above. An unfamiliar perspective can make a successful picture. You should also consciously break the usual rules of photography like the golden ratio from time to time in order to create variety.

The personal touch

Many successful dog influencers on social media have their own image style. You should definitely keep it. Whether it’s in post-processing or when taking the photo itself, there are many ways to give an image your own style and make it stand out from the crowd.

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