For the past couple of years, the competition in online marketing and advertising has been quite harsh and challenging. One of the major element that contribute to every business’ marketing campaign is the use of marketing automation, specifically Automation tools for Google Ads. There are lots of benefits provided by automation tools. Some of which are: helps your save time, wider reach of target market, efficiency of performance, decrease in the waste spend, and increase of driving revenue. The key to maximize the benefits of automation tools, is not focusing on what you must automate, but instead on how you are gonna do it. If the reason why you are reading this it to get some tips for a perfect automation SEM, then you are on the right article.

Google AdWords if formerly known as just Google Ads. This was developed to automate online advertising. They are continuously developing new tools that will help perform automatic tasks  for marketers.

Below are the Google Ads features that will dominate the online marketing industry in the next years:

1. Search Ads that are Responsive 

this is one of the many new forms of AdWords. Although they are not available in many countries, we can expect whatthat it will reach your country probably next year.

This feature works by providing different terms, words, and mixture of both, for every advertisement you pay. Basically google will display your advertisement in different versions. Also, Google will use maximum of 15 headlines and three descriptions each. The purpose of this is to identify which keywords will best match the content of your ad.

2. Smart Campaigns

This is the default campaign to those who just signed up for Google Ads. This is more advisable among small businesses. If you decided to use this campaign, you must create text for your ad and decide how much will be your budget. The role of Google is to help you when it comes to target market. Your ads will appear only on the targeted area. Moreover, it will also appear when someone type terms and phrases related to your advertisement. But of course, the advertisers will decide whether they will automation technique or not.

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