It is good to be well-informed about the best and appropriate hunting gears and equipment like the one by Game Camera World, however it is similarly important to also be informed of recent updates on hunting regulations.

For instance, the Michigan Resources Commission approved a succession of regulations on deer hunting on July 11, 2019 at its regular monthly assembly in Lansing. These regulations are intended for decelerating the spread of chronic wasting disease or CWD. In a news release, the Michigan DNR said that the movement came subsequent to an in-depth and comprehensive review and evaluation of the best existing science on CWD as well as numerous opportunities for input from the public.

CWD is a lethal disease of the brain and nervous system (neurological) present in cervids such as elk, deer and moose. The said disease strikes the brain of the animal infected and forms small lesions resulting in death. Once a cervid is infected, it will die since there is no treatment or remedy for this disease.

For the deer seasons this 2019, major regulations on deer hunting that were approved include the following:

Deer Hunting Regulations to Slow CWD Spread

  • To continue on in the whole Lower Peninsula the ban on baiting feeding. This was enforced towards the end of January 2019. However, throughout the Liberty as well as Independence hunts, an exception is applied for hunters with incapacities or disabilities. Hunters who are eligible are permitted to make use of 2 gallons of single-bite baits at a time during the deer seasons.
  • Baiting and feeding is allowed in the Upper Peninsula except for ban in the Core Surveillance Area were CWD is present, which immediately took effect. The core zone includes about 660sqm, marked by principal roadways inside the portions of the counties of Delta, Menominee and Dickinson surrounding the lone case of a deer that is CWD-positive that was discovered in the Upper Peninsula last year. In line with the regulations in the L.P., an exception is given to hunters with disabilities with regards to the ban in baiting in the Core Area of the U.P. for for the duration of the Liberty and Independence hunts.
  • Moving the Liberty Hunt in the 2nd weekend in September. The 2019 Liberty Hunt will then transpire on September 14-15 in place of September 21-22 which was scheduled beforehand. The season for early antlerless, which transpires on private owned land in selected counties, will push through on September 21-22.
  • Adjust the start date of the deer baiting for qualified hunters with disabilities. Baiting could take place 5 days prior and throughout the 2nd Saturday in September.
  • Necessitate that scents, whether made of materials that are natural or synthetic, placed to lure deer, be positioned wherein deer cannot access it for consumption and be strategically positioned for prevent any physical contact with the deer.