The “Season 4 Reloaded” update of the “Call of Duty Warzone” includes an increase in player count to 200 and the revival of the Team Defender mode.

The increase denotes that an additional 50-player team has been added to the Battle Royale chaos, albeit for a limited time only. Patch updates rolled out for PCs, PS4s and Xbox One at 11 p.m. Pacific Time on June 29, 2020. In the eastern part of North America, the updates went live on June 30, at 2 a.m Eastern Time (ET) and in other parts of the world at 6:00 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

“Season 4 Reloaded” patches also include the revival of Team Defender, a game mode that was introduced nearly a decade ago in Modern Warfare Mode 3. Moreover, a new sniper rifle, a .50 caliber Rytec AMR, will be available for both Modern Warfare and Warzone players.

A Refresher of the Team Defender Mode

Although Team Defender was not massively popular when it was first introduced, it garnered favorable feedback from those who chose to play in this mode. Apparently, its revival in “Call of Duty Warzone” aims to simplify and quicken the process for the massive 200-player set-up.

It is actually a reformulation of the traditional “Capture the Flag” mode. Here 4 quads of players instead of two, will battle it out to capture and hold on to a single flag rather than require each team to defend their respective flag. The flag though, will not appear until the first kill has been executed, while the team to first reach the 7500 score limit, wins.

The Team Defender mode will award points as follows:

  1. The Team with the flag gets 100 points for every kill.
  2. The Team without flag takes on 50 points for every kill.
  3. Killing the flag carrier earns the team 250 points, while 20 points will be given for flag carrier assist.

Apparently, playing the game in Team Defender Mode will be a long and hard battle, which makes it important to make sure that lags and interference that cause irregular connectivity are greatly reduced.

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