While there’s no standard definition of what boutique hotels Allgäu or in general look like, such hotels have something in common. And these are the things we will be discussing in the next paragraphs of this article.

Number 1. Size

Oftentimes, boutique hotels are small in size. More often than not, it can accommodate 10 to 100 rooms. They’re creating an intimate ambiance, making you feel like a personal guest staying in a private house than just being an occupant for a few nights. Normally, they also have communal “living spaces” in which guests of the hotel can converse and interact.

Number 2. Personality

These properties have this unique vibe and never in any way you’d feel that “cookie-cutter”. They are normally run independently and is not affiliated with any major chains.

Number 3. Design

The interior design and architecture of boutique hotels are as unique as the way it is operated. But the difference with mainstream and regular hotels is that, they’re always upscale and typically combining chic elegance with historic details. The lines might be contemporary and sleek or it could be home and quaint.

Regardless, these boutique hotels convey one-of-a-kind decoration and forward style. Guestrooms are decorated individually as well and using exclusive amenities as well as upscale linens.

Number 4. Character

One thing that you’d notice with boutique hotels is that, they have eccentric personalities. They’re funky and fun, offbeat and trendy. Its quirkiness is sometimes exhibited via creative guest offerings. To give you an example, there are some hotels that deliver a goldfish to your room in case you are missing your pet.

Number 5. Location

Once again, there’s no standard or rule to the hotel’s location but most of these hotels are situated in fashionable and hip urban areas. You will find them often in upcoming and lively sections and they might also be among the general factors for the improvement of the area that are usually away from crowds and city lights.

Trendy hotels can be found as well in resort areas, normally considered as the hidden gem of the place and thus serve as a tourist spot.

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